Valve Retrofitting & Repair
When automating existing valves it becomes necessary to make modifications to these valves in order to replace handwheels, or old gears and actuators.  At a minimum this means an adaption plate or two.  Other times we add brackets and couplings, or torque tubes and stem extensions. 
Action Automation has also manufactured new valve stems, yoke nuts, and valve yokes.  This is done while changing a multi turn actuator into a linear application.  Many customers have come to us wanting to replace their existing air operators with Limitorque electric actuators due to continuous leaking seals in high heat areas. We have had great success retrofitting control valves in these circumstances.
Action Automation has relationships with all of the established valve repair shops in our territory.  Many customers ask Action Automation to take responsibility of their Valve and Actuator repair projects in an effort to streamline paperwork, and have a single point of contact during outages.  We will be glad to work with whichever valve repair contractor you choose, or we can source one out for you.  Some of our key people have excellent valve repair experience, and we would be glad to offer an unbiased opinion based on your specific requirement.