Actuator Rebuilding
Action Automation follows procedures developed over decades of experience and in conjunction with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The scope of work listed below is a minimum standard for preventative maintenance of electric actuators.
  • Pre-Repair baseline Actuator run testing
  • Wiring terminations noted and marked
  • Complete disassembly of the operator to the smallest component
  • Degrease and clean all actuator housings and all internal parts
  • Thorough inspection and documentation of all “as found” conditions
  • Chase threads of all tapped holes
  • Bench testing of torque and limit switches
  • Run testing and meggering motors to insure proper continuity
  • Take reference measurements and check calibration of spring packs
  • Replace all gaskets, seals and ball bearings
  • Reassembly of actuators using the appropriate grease ,EP-0
  • Final bench testing of actuator, primer and paint housings
  • Proper disposal of old grease or oil
  • Provide documentation of all work performed
  • Warranty on all supplied parts and labor for a period of one year
Actuators come into our shops after years of neglect without proper lubrication and in disrepair, and leave looking and functioning like new equipment.  The Action Automation difference lies in our investment in skilled technicians, cleaning equipment, and attention to detail. When buying new equipment is not a viable economic option rebuilding existing actuators is a solid choice.